Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan

The beautiful tower right in the middle of the city..
Beautiful craftmanship of the walkways..

This tower is located in Teluk Intan , Perak, Malaysia. Situated right in the heart of Teluk Intan town. The beautiful tower had been built in 1892 and started tilting four years later. This was due to unseen underground stream on the site. The design is heavily influenced by China's "Pagoda" architecture. It used to serve as a water tank and also a clock tower. The clock is still functional today . During the daytime you can walk into the building to inspect the interior.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lata Kinjang Waterfall

The pool at the bottom of the hill..
One of the waterfall's view on the hill, in the center is a hanging bridge..

Walkways and rest areas..
Lata Kinjang Waterfall is located near Chenderiang, in the district of Tapah, Perak. A really tall cascading waterfall, it is a favorite haunt for the weekend. You can enjoy climbing the hill along the walkway to enjoy the plenitudes of the waterfall's views. There are pools that you can dip in along the climb.

There are walkways, bridges and rest areas provided. Toilets and changing rooms are available at the foothill for convenience. Food stalls are also available at the parking lot.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gua Tempurung, or The Tempurung Cave

The view after the entrance..
The light coming in from the opening near the roof, reflecting beautiful colors on the wall..
The colorful roof of the cave and the walkway at the bottom right..
You can see the lights along the walkway snaking up to the higher level of the cave.

Enjoying the display of colors..
This beautiful cave is located in Gopeng, Perak. It is one of the longest cave in Peninsular Malaysia being more than 3 km long. The cave is developed with electric lighting and walkways that goes for more than 1 km. There are three very large chambers in the hill with spectacular displays of stalactites and stalagmites. A stream also runs through the cave at the lower level.

There are several difficulties of spelunking that you can divulge in. The easiest is just to follow the walkway while the difficult ones will require the escort of the cave rangers, such as exploring the cave via the stream. You will be choosing these options at the entrance.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kellie's Castle

The main building of the castle..
The unfinished building at the back across the courtyard..
One of the unfinished room in the castle..
A view of the courtyard and the building in the back from the castle's walkway..

At the rooftop..
Kellie's Castle is located in Batu Gajah, Perak. It is easy to locate as it is right by the roadside. This unfinished castle dates back to the 1915's during the British colonial period. The reason for the unfinished state was a tragedy of the community being attacked by a strain of Spanish flu that ended the lives of most of the workers.

The entrance is at the back of main building. You can walk around, even to the rooftop, to inspect the castle. Most of the rooms are empty and not all are alike. The architectural influence is Moorish, resembling some of the castles in India. While I was there, I've observed that this location seems to be popular among the newlyweds who wanted the castle as the background to their wedding photos.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Kinta Nature Park

The small island that serves as a breeding ground for the herons..
Birding activity at the nature park..
Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) wading in the lake..
A Purple Heron (Ardea purpurea) resting on a branch on the island..
Malayan Night Herons on the island..
The grey and the purple heron in one location..

The Grey Heron's nest with a juvenile chick.
Kinta Nature Park is located at Batu Gajah, Perak. To get there is easy as it is right by the Batu Gajah town itself and just follow the signs. The park consists of former mining lakes with secondary jungles surrounding them. What the lakes offer is a haven for migratory birds during the peak season between September to March. But there are birds which had stayed on and started breeding there. You can observe them during the non migratory season. The pictures here are from my trip in July.

There are a lot of bird species that can be spotted here from local to migratory. The lake had provided food and protection. The park provides an easy access to view them without the hassle of going through the jungle and also a viewing tower is also there to provide you with an aerial view.

There is a large multi purpose hall at the park. Toilet is also available. The park is fenced and the gates are locked for security. All you have to do is inform the Kampung Pisang headman to get the permission and the keys to the park..