Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lata Kinjang Waterfall

The pool at the bottom of the hill..
One of the waterfall's view on the hill, in the center is a hanging bridge..

Walkways and rest areas..
Lata Kinjang Waterfall is located near Chenderiang, in the district of Tapah, Perak. A really tall cascading waterfall, it is a favorite haunt for the weekend. You can enjoy climbing the hill along the walkway to enjoy the plenitudes of the waterfall's views. There are pools that you can dip in along the climb.

There are walkways, bridges and rest areas provided. Toilets and changing rooms are available at the foothill for convenience. Food stalls are also available at the parking lot.


  1. hi syed, this looks very lovely- the cascading of calm waters and greens looks like a perfect spot for recreation.
    Beautiful shots from very artsy angles makes these 2 photos sufficient enough to promote this spot.
    decided to follow this blog, by the way the above header pic is a perfect "welcome" spread from perak's "nature attraction" menu.

  2. Beautiful! Love the falls with the pools at the bottom--we have one close to where I live that's very similar.

  3. What a fantastic photography! Three photos are enough to express more details about the spot.

  4. New to your blog - what lovely pictures! That second picture in particular is stunning! Makes me wish I had travelled around more before 'settling down'!

    Sam x

  5. Every time I see your blog I think I have seen your best and then the next one tops it!!!

    I really love that first image, great waterfall but also a great piece of work by you!!

  6. I think that you have outdone yourself with these photos!!!! Now I really want to come to Malaysia!