Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gua Tempurung, or The Tempurung Cave

The view after the entrance..
The light coming in from the opening near the roof, reflecting beautiful colors on the wall..
The colorful roof of the cave and the walkway at the bottom right..
You can see the lights along the walkway snaking up to the higher level of the cave.

Enjoying the display of colors..
This beautiful cave is located in Gopeng, Perak. It is one of the longest cave in Peninsular Malaysia being more than 3 km long. The cave is developed with electric lighting and walkways that goes for more than 1 km. There are three very large chambers in the hill with spectacular displays of stalactites and stalagmites. A stream also runs through the cave at the lower level.

There are several difficulties of spelunking that you can divulge in. The easiest is just to follow the walkway while the difficult ones will require the escort of the cave rangers, such as exploring the cave via the stream. You will be choosing these options at the entrance.


  1. You've captured the beauty in this cave. I've always had a fascination with caves.

    Love looking at your photos and all the places you've shared with us :)

    Thanks a bunch

  2. I am loving all these photo's, ever consider making a calendar?? lol Just beautiful!!

  3. hi syed, perak has beautiful caves just like sabah. great photo shoots.
    your professionalism in photography really shows in images of the caves, with all minute details clearly visible. must be an interesting assignment to do this

  4. Wow, I like that 1st and 4th photos... They are amazing. Are they taken by you???

    Anyway thanks for sharing such a nice pics with us


  5. Caves are amazing, pretty mystical.

  6. It's so majestic Syed! I've been to the caves in Bohol...but each cave I see is so unique. You took clear's so beautiful. I hope to visit this place one's something I'd like to explore :)thanks for sharing :)

  7. These are great photos! How did you add the stars ( or sunbursts )to the photos? Remind me a little of Carlsbad Caverns in TX.

  8. Wow this cave is incredible! I have seen something similar, interesting not a cave but when the Metro in Moscow was built. The first photo reminded me a lot about that! Beautiful Syed!!!!

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